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Jacadi footwear
Our shoes accompany your child as he takes his first steps, and we use the finest materials and manufacturing techniques to create the highest quality footwear available. Each Jacadi shoe collection is specially adapted to the successive stages of foot growth and motor development. As your child learns to walk, run, and play, Jacadi shoes ensure elegance and comfort every step of the way.

A compleate assortment

Walker Collection

    WALKER COLLECTION FOR AGES 12 TO 24 MONTHS - SIZES 19 TO 27: • Once your baby is walking unassisted he is ready for our uniquely designed Walker Collection. • Our Walker styles are mostly high-top constructions to guide his steps, and are reinforced with padded support at the ankle. • Continue to measure your baby's feet every two-and-a-half to three months; his feet are still only partially ossified and numb to pain caused by too-small shoes.
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Child collection

    CHILD COLLECTION FOR AGES 2 YEARS AND UP - SIZES 24 TO 39: • Jacadi footwear ensures your child grows with shoes that are comfortable, elegant, and adapted to his or her needs. • All of our styles feature natural leather linings for breathability and foot hygiene. • It's important to measure your child's foot every six months.At this age, children's feet grow approximately half an inch per year (2-3 shoe sizes). Shoes that are too small compress the toes and nails. In general, children's feet are not fully formed until age 15 for girls and 16 for boys.
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